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  • SAM licence management

  • Monitoring IT

  • ServiceDesk

  • MobileDesk

  • Asset management

  • Software Deployment

Licence management

sw  AuditPro enables quick implementation of effective management of software, hardware and all other assets so that it proceeds with minimum effort and maximum saving of company resources.

Deployment of AuditPro will enable you to

  • monitor actual use of software in the company
  • avoid use of illegal software
  • save on purchases of new software and IT equipment
  • prevent undesirable user activity in working hours


Monitoring IT


Information on actual utilisation of IT equipment and software applications by specific users will help you identify hidden reserves and enable optimum use of designated resources. 

AuditPro will show you

  • who uses which software and how often
  • how much time users spend on non-work-related Internet
  • who runs so-called “prohibited applications” and when
  • who leaks secret information on USB




Intuitive, fully configurable ServiceDesk/HelpDesk solution based on latest findings in user support.

The ServiceDesk solution will bring you

  • an easy-to-define service catalogue
  • guarding over any set of problems and customers
  • efficient collaboration of project teams over tickets
  • parameterisation based on SLA agreements and internal workflows
  • request history
  • managerial reporting, and customised outputs


Mobile device management


Centralise your mobile platform management with your other IT in AuditPro. You will thus gain a perfect overview of mobile devices and applications used and installed, while securing mobile data.

Key benefits of MobileDesk

  • implement comprehensive EMM solution
  • enforce company security and conformity
  • ssure overall prevention of company data loss 
  • automate procedures and problem solutions
  • make accessible popular policies such as BYOD 
  • facilitate support to end users
  • make accessible key applications and content


Asset management


A module for keeping transparent records on company assets with intuitive controls and a wide range of monitored definitions, properties, attributes and other processes.

The module helps with the following:

  • you define the entities you wish to keep records on
  • you know exactly what everybody has available, what is in store or in repair
  • repairs - easy keeping and archiving of records
  • easy registration of asset movements
  • history - all acceptances, shifts, dispensations and discarding are registered automatically
  • easy implementation of barcodes in the organisation


Software Deployment


The Software Distribution module offers advanced options for remote, large-scale installation of software, patches, large-scale script running, and all the associated agenda.

You will easily and quickly gain 

  • trouble-free deployment on existing infrastructure
  • trouble-free deployment on existing infrastructure
  • wide range of module adjustment to company needs
  • automatic licence assignment within AuditPro for software installation
  • independence of groups/targeting of operations at specific PC 


Our customers

The current customer base of AuditPro is a platform of over one million licences installed in seven language mutations. Its functionality reflects everyday needs and experience of its users in all branches of business and public administration in organisations from 10 to tens of thousands of computers.


AuditPro 8.8 Final Release available!   Download AuditPro 8.8 Price list

Certificates and awards

  • Certified for Windows 8
  • MS CEE Partner of the Year 2010
  • Windows Vista Certified
  • AuditPro a ISO 19770


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